Chris Hinnen - 2009-02-11

I am trying to generate stats on a branch and am having a problem with the results.  Here is my situation.  We are trying to get the stats between 2 releases.  We have the trunk, and when we are considered code complete we do a branch for that release.  After testing and some fixes we then release off of that branch.  Coding for the next release will now start in the trunk also.  What I am trying to do is get stats between releases.  I get the revision number of the last release and the current revision number of the branch.  I then do a subversion log between these two revision numbers.  I look in the log file and all of the changes between those releases are in the log file.  It gets me the changes from before the branch in the trunk as well as the changes in the branch.  However, when I ran statsvn against this subversion log file it only gave me the changes since the branch was made, not the changes that had ocurred since the last release in the trunk before we did the branch.  Is there a way to also get these changes.  These changes are in the subversion log file that was generated so I assumed statsvn just outputted everything that was in this file.  Am I doing something wrong and how do I get statsvn to output the changes from before the branch as well.