• vikas Kumar

    vikas Kumar - 2008-08-20

    I have just downloaded Statsvn and trying to generate stastical reports of the repositories.
    I have created the log file successfully with the help of command
    svn log -v --xml > logfile.log

    After this i have tried to run statsvn using the command
    java -jar statsvn.jar  as
    java -jar statsvn.jar <logfile> <checked-out-module>
    but everytime it is giving an error
    Unable to access Jarfile statsvn.jar.
    How to debug this error.

    • vikas Kumar

      vikas Kumar - 2008-08-20

      The previous problem i have resolved, i have changed the path of Jarfile statsvn.jar file and run the statsvn, but now a different message appears as
      "Failed To Load Main Class Menifest attribute from Svnstat-all.jar"
      I have cheked out the module in my local machine.
      i have given the paths as below , the config-manag-audit folder is in E drive of my machine, i put  Svnstat-all,jar file in checkout module that is BPO Timesheet.
      E:\Config-Manag-Audit\BPOTIMESHEET>java -jar SvnStat-all.jar E:\Config-Manag-Audit\BPOTIMESHEET E:\Config-Manag-Audit\BPOTIMESHEET\Main

      Need urgent help.

      • Jean-Philippe Daigle

        Hi, I don't understand what this SvnStat-all.jar file is, or what you're trying to do with it. The distributed filename for statsvn is "statsvn.jar" and that should work fine for you if you give the right path to it in the java command line. (You don't have to place it in your project directory, you can keep a single copy of statsvn.jar system-wide.)

        Once you're getting the jar file loaded correctly, you'll need the right statsvn command line, which is of the form:
        java -jar statsvn.jar <logfile.xml> <checkout_dir>

        You appear to be using:
        java -jar SvnStat-all.jar E:\Config-Manag-Audit\BPOTIMESHEET E:\Config-Manag-Audit\BPOTIMESHEET\Main

        which means you're really doing:
        java -jar SvnStat-all.jar <directory> <directory>


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