Excluding directories

  • Tony

    Tony - 2007-03-15

    First of all I'd like to say this is a wonderful tool. However I was wondering if it is possible to exclude directories so that not everything will be displayed in the stats. Our team is working on a huge project with more then 800 KLOC. However by far not everything is our own work. We checked in the whole project and the main contributor is now the one that checked-in everything in the beginning, so that person has like 600/700 KLoc on his name. I'd only like to see our own work. Is there a function like this already in the current build? Thanks!

    • Jason Kealey

      Jason Kealey - 2007-03-15

      Look at the exclude and include parameters :) They use ant-like syntax to filter out directories or files.

      You can also generate different svn log files from different date ranges or revision ranges. See http://svn.statsvn.org/statsvnwiki/index.php/UserManual for more details.


    • Tony

      Tony - 2007-03-23

      Thanks! That worked perfectly.


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