How to use with SSH?

  • Brian Nantz

    Brian Nantz - 2007-01-16

    statsvn errors when trying to connect to the server.  I can't tell if this is a server or client problem.  Is it a firewal or SSH probem?


    Jan 16, 2007 12:42:02 PM net.sf.statsvn.util.JavaUtilTaskLogger info
    INFO: StatSVN - SVN statistics generation

    Parsing SVN log 'logfile.log'
    Contacting server to obtain line count information.
    This information will be cached so that the next time you run StatSVN, results w
    ill be returned more quickly.
    IOException: Unable to obtain diff: svn: Connection closed

    • Jason Kealey

      Jason Kealey - 2007-01-20

      Can you run with -debug ? You should see the actual command line that it is trying to invoke. (starts with "svn diff")

      Try it out on the command line and see if it works.

      I've never tested StatSVN over SSH, so maybe there's a problem here, but I have seen that error message before when the server thought it was being attacked (because of the flurry of svn diff commands it receives), so you see this message when you get blocked.

      Keep us posted.


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