how to add a change LOC statistics?emergency!

  • xiaochen

    xiaochen - 2007-09-10

    now statsvn can compare different version,show the number of ADD LOC and DELETE LOC.
    I want to know the CHANGE LOC,and show ADD LOC,DELETE LOC and CHANGE LOC together.
    Is it possible? If possible,which dir and which file should I modifier?
    really emergency!

    • Jason Kealey

      Jason Kealey - 2007-09-10

      changed lines of code are already considered as addition + deletion.

    • xiaochen

      xiaochen - 2007-09-11

      you mean change LOC = add LOC+delete LOC?

      line A     line A
      line C---->line B             ADD
                 line C

      line A     line A
      line B---->line D             CHANGE
      line C     line C

      line A     line A
      line B---->line C             DELETE
      line C

      I want to know the workload of the project member.
      so add+change is what I want.
      the delete LOC is ignored.

      • Jason Kealey

        Jason Kealey - 2007-09-11

        In our engine,

        line A
        line B changed to line D
        line C

        is equivalent to

        line A
        line B (deleted)
        line D (added)
        line C

        Removing code (deletion) is an activity which deserves to be measured. The best software engineers can reduce a very complex implementation to a few dozen lines of efficient code which will offer better performance and increased maintainability.

    • xiaochen

      xiaochen - 2007-09-12

      en,you are right!I should not ignore the removing code.
      Thanks for the reply!
      I want to know if I still want to distinguish the add code and change code,Is it feasible?


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