#96 GTK crash stemming from JFreeChart on headless systems

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Paul N

I have a headless system I am running StatSVN on. When I ran StatSVN, it died with a GTK error. Working with Jason over on the StatSVN mailing list, I isolated the issue to StatCVS's code that uses JFreeChart. Specifically, I isolated the crash down and found this information:

This is a consolidated set of information available over on the StatSVN thread.

---Fault output:
(.:15438): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

---It appears that this line causes the fault:
final JFreeChart chart = ChartFactory.createTimeSeriesChart(this.config.getProjectName() + ": " + title, domain, range, data, legend, false, false);
in LOCChartMaker.java

---Stack trace(line numbers not accurate for LOCChartMaker.java due to printf statements for debugging):

at net.sf.statcvs.charts.LOCChartMaker.createLOCChart(LOCChartMaker.java:111)
at net.sf.statcvs.charts.LOCChartMaker.<init>(LOCChartMaker.java:99)
at net.sf.statcvs.charts.LOCChartMaker$AllDevelopersLOCChartMaker.<init>(LOCChartMaker.java:226)
at net.sf.statcvs.pages.AllDevelopersPageMaker.toFile(AllDevelopersPageMaker.java:40)
at net.sf.statcvs.pages.ReportSuiteMaker.toFile(ReportSuiteMaker.java:88)
at net.sf.statcvs.Main.generateDefaultHTMLSuite(Main.java:211)
at net.sf.statcvs.Main.main(Main.java:76)

---Other data
Setting the property to headless immediately prior to that call does not change the crash.


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