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zhou hao
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  • zhou hao

    zhou hao - 2008-04-03

    After I tried so many free or commercial UML modeling tools, I like StarUML best. The only concern for me is it seems the project died because there is no activity since the end of 2005. So I tried to download the source code from CVS. It seems the version is older than the release version and I have problems to compile it. Does anybody have any idea about these?

    I'm thinking to clone this application to wxWidget since I'm a C++ program and wxWidget is portable. But I know it's big job. It's not possilbe to do it by myself. Is anybody interested at this? It'll be great if somebody like to be the project manager.

    • nidhal fekih salem


      I m a student and I admire what you were able to do with StarUML. I wonder If it will be possible that I get the documentation of StarUML weeknesses and the real reasons why you decided to change this application.


    • sarc

      sarc - 2008-04-03

      I do not have the skill to help but I hope someone can do it - StarUML is the best and deserves to live and prosper!!

    • Anonymous - 2008-04-04

      I'm a C++ programmer too and would love to see StarUML being port to C++, I can contribute some help too.

      • Ralf Pichocki

        Ralf Pichocki - 2008-04-04

        If it is C++, and if there are (backbone) parts that do not require special library knowledge, I would offer some help, too.

    • Steven 'lazalong' Gay

      I also like StarUML very much and I am disappointed that there seems no progress (no bug closed, no features request implemented).

      Making a port to wxWidgets would be great.
      If I hadn't my own project I would love to be project manager (in one year perhaps).

      That said the first steps would be to:

      1 - Contact the Staruml sourceforge admins and ask them what is happening.
      2 - Do the same with the commercial support . Especially .
      3 - If no further dev is planned ask them is they want to give up the project (I doubt this one) and transfer the admin rights to someone.
      4 - Making a port involves ALWAYS some part of code copying & copyright infringement. You MUST have an agreement with the copyright holders before doing anything like a port.

      When all this is done then a project can be started.

    • reeny

      reeny - 2008-04-21

      If this project were written in C++ I would be able to help to improve it.
      But in Delphi (I think ...) I've no chance.

      For this reason I support you in your efforts!

    • Gandalf the Grey

      I would also be able to help with some coding in C++/wxWidgets. StarUML is a great app, too bad it seems it's been abandoned.

    • Sérgio Almeida Dias

      Hey guys,

      Is anyone taking care of this subject?

      I could collaborate on project management as well as in translation to portuguese.

      I can also handle to contact the ex-owners of the project and try to make some sort of agreement, but we should make sure that we have at least a small team working on the project.

      • reeny

        reeny - 2008-05-27

        Before this project isn't transported to C# or C++ I can't be that great help, but I'm able to translate text and documentation to german.

        ... my German is better than my English ... ;)

    • Kermudge0n

      Kermudge0n - 2008-05-27

      I am and have been using STARUML since 2005 and I like it. I have clients that use other tools and I need to export my models to their tools via XMI. One of my alternatives is to spend some cash on Enterprise Architect. However, I have Delphi experience and I would love to take control of this project. Before I commit to this, I need to know that the source code is what has been distributed (see above comment (zhou hao), and that nobody else has taken the ball and is running with it. I will send an email to the admins.

    • Kermudge0n

      Kermudge0n - 2008-05-30

      I sent an email and have received no response. I guess this is truly a dead end.

    • reeny

      reeny - 2008-05-31

      And now?! No chance to improve or go on developing the project?

      Maybe their mail addresses are old and no longer valid ... There must be a possibility to get the admin rights by another way. Right?

      • Steven 'lazalong' Gay

        Did you try to contact the commercial support as I suggested one month ago?

        > Do the same with the commercial support
        > .
        > Especially .


        • Kermudge0n

          Kermudge0n - 2008-06-04

          I read the thread and saw th contact suggestions. I have had no response for any attempt to connect with an Admin. The email did not bounce back, so it should be good. How far am I willing to go? I think I am done for now. I will knuckle-down and buy SparxSystems EA, but monitor this project. I would like developer access, if any one can do that.

          I might be persuaded to branch this to "Star UML Plus" project. It would be nice to have an admin confirm that the latest build has the current code base.

    • Steven 'lazalong' Gay

      Hello all,

      Today I submitted an "Abandoned Project Takeover".

      In the registration description I noted the following:

      > The purpose of this takeover is to ensure the survival of this great project.
      > Since the creation of the project on SF: no bug, patches or developer
      > write transactions was done.
      > On the forum several programmers are willing to make a C++ conversion
      > of the project. See
      > The main ideas are:
      > 1 - to keep the delphi code in the CVS and use the SVN for a C++ port.
      > 2 - to use wxWidgets to enable multi-platform support.

      The process can take several week so we will see what happens.

      • Michael Schulte

        Michael Schulte - 2008-06-12


        I also think that staruml is a great and easy to use UML tool and it would be a shame to leave it abandoned.

        Did anybody try the addresses on for
        Administrative Contact:
        Minkyu Lee
        Minkyu Lee ()
        Wonhyoro 1(iI)-ga
        Tel. +82.27179866
        Fax. +82.27179839


    • Michael Schulte

      Michael Schulte - 2008-06-12

      ... well and the email address mentioned on whois (a bit tricky to copy):

    • Oleg Motus

      Oleg Motus - 2008-07-05

      I know people who could compile staruml.exe (Delphi7). For this purpose it is required to have old components.

    • reeny

      reeny - 2008-07-11

      Do anyone know how I find out when this project is taken over? Currently I look every day in this thread to see what happens.

      But can I otherwise see when this project is "restartet"?

      • Steven 'lazalong' Gay

        As you saw I posted a takeover request a few weeks ago.
        The sourceforge automatic response indicated it would take a few weeks so... I waited.

        However I just saw that my takeover was DENIED by a project admin.

        Sorry for the delay I thought I would have been informed by email.

        Well it seems there is no other choice than to create a port of this project.

        But such a port will involve infringements and when you consider
        the behavior of the admins: no response, no involvements
        except to deny the project to live I doubt it will go smoothly.


        • reeny

          reeny - 2008-07-15

          But as I understand the GPL it allows to copy and modify a code, doesn't it?

          So why a port will involve infringements?

          If we add in the C++ code the clear note that this is a modified copy of the original StarUML code there should not be any problems, right?

          • Steven 'lazalong' Gay

            > GPL it allows to copy and modify a code
            > If we add in the C++ code the clear note that this is
            > a modified copy of the original StarUML code there should not be any problems,

            Ouch... I strongly advice you to read some legal documents about licenses.
            Check the links on this blog I wrote some time ago
            it will take you one hour but can save you:

            We CANT without permission make a modified version.
            Only very permissive copyright permits this and GPL is even more strict than LGPL.

            Analysing the code and using the same "data structure & design" would be considered as infringement in many countries. Even reusing the same gui layout is problematic!

            Without the written authors permission I will not risk working on a port that can be killed easily by the Staruml copyright holders.

            • Matt Slane

              Matt Slane - 2008-09-11

              You're wrong about needing permission to fork a GPL licensed project. It goes against the whole idea of the GPL. There have been many GPLed projects forked in the past, for many reasons. Anyone can take GPL licensed code and start their own project, providing that project retains the GPL license and existing copyright notices. If you're unsure about this, a quick email to someone like the EFF should clarify things for you.

            • reeny

              reeny - 2008-07-15

              Okay, okay, I didn't understand the GPL correctly :)

              But it annoyed me that the admins are so uncooperative. There must be a way ... thinking

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