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The Home Page has been launched

Just see for yourself, maybe you will find something useful there...

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-09-26

Star SUDOKU 0.8.1 beta released

What's new

* New License - For now on Star Sudoku will be released under the Mozilla Public License 1.1
* Export Sudoku as PDF, RTF and CSV functions added
* HTML links in the about message are now working
* Bug fixed with design mode and undo function

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-09-26

Star SUDOKU 0.8.0 beta released

Waht's new:

* Time and pause finctions added
* Export to XML and HTML functions added
* Design mode is now working
* The game starts with the Draw helping line mode on
* Bug fixed cells wich are default or not editable are not entered in the undo stack
* Bug fixed when finishing a sudoku puzzel undo it is now possible
* Bug fixed when finishing a sudoku grid all notes will be delted properly

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-09-11

Star SUDOKU 0.7.7 beta released

Waht's new:

* Look and Feel menu added, now the look and feel can be changed dynamically
* Now a helping lines option in Option menu is available.
-You can see easier, if there is a collision (Thanks to Jivko Vantchev)
* You can now select a cell without entering a number with the middle mouse button (Thanks to Jivko Vantchev)
* Bug fixed with undo/redo on the last column
* Bug fixed with solving the Sudoku game automatically... read more

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-07-24

Star SUDOKU 0.7.5 beta released

Waht's new:

* Undo and redo function added (up to 100 corrcctions possible )
* 2 ways of entering a number in a cell now possible
- Select number then cell
- Select cell then number
* Now 9 notes can be entered in a cell
* !!! The old *.ssud files are not working with this version and it will stay that way
* Many code parts have been rewritten
* The annoying message when exiting shows only when a change has been made
* Some other annoying messages has been added ;)... read more

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-07-23

Star SUDOKU 0.6.7 beta released

What's new:

* Windows look and feel for Windows users

* If JRE version is older than 1.5.0 the program will exit with an Error message

* Fixed: Bug when solving a puzzle with incorrect entered numbers by user

* Fixed: Current difficulty on loading

* Fixed: Error message when user tries to load incorret .ssud file

* Fixed: Message when Sudoku grid is already solved and the solve button is pushed

* Readme.txt and WhatsNew.txt included

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-07-13

Star SUDOKU and Silk Icons set

In order not to infringe the terms of the "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License" I have to mention that Star SUDOKU is using the Silk Icons set.

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-07-13

First Release of Star SUDOKU

Star SUDOKU has just lunched on Everything is new, I don't know where to begin. The basic functions are there you can save/load , generate and make your own Sudoku grids. There are 3 Different Difficulty levels and a custom level. You can also choose how the numbers you see at the beginning of a new game are distributed... And more but a lot more to come! Just play with it for a bit and let me know if you have a suggestion.

Posted by Nikolay  G. Georgiev 2006-07-13