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New CD version

A newer cd version was released, and I have the format now. This will only affect certain newer machines, so I am not rushing to add this at the moment. Although, I am kind of glad they redid the structure of these, as the new one is more intuitive and has less reuse of the same song multiple times on the disc, thus allowing for higher capacity.

Posted by Tim Henry 2005-08-28


For those of you that prefer the gui version. This is available in CVS. Since I haven't worked out all the kinks I have not created a download for it. But feel free to grab it and experiment.

Posted by Tim Henry 2005-08-28


I have put the initial command line version (v.1) into the CVS. I am working on the swing version now. In the future I hope to incorporate a player and creator in one.

Posted by Tim Henry 2004-12-16