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Microsoft Office 2013 Now Supported!!

Hi all,

Very excited to be able to push updates this morning to enable STAMP to run in both Office 2013 and 2010!

I can't take any of the credit... I have friends with friends with skills that made this version possible... and we're pretty happy that the STAMP community is able to continue using in PowerPoint 2013 (desktop).

Happy sub titling! :)

Very best regards,
STAMP team (and friends)


Posted by Jim Hunter 2015-07-07

Version 1 available! :)

Hi all,

Have promoted build 1.5.5 to be the release version! :)

There are three small changes in this version to the RC version and looking forward to hearing your suggestions and thoughts! :)


STAMP dev team

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-07-27

Release candidate 1 available now! :)

Hi all,

We've just checked in v1.5.0 which is our RC1! :)

This adds the following items (and clears our feature requests):
- Enable basic font formatting (in the caption editor)
- Added ability to set simple alignment options (in the caption editor)
- Added align captions to 'bottom of slide' option
- Ability to have duplicate start / end times
- Allow blank / zero end time (uses next start time)
- Keep animation sequence when set to auto-play (added auto play button to ribbon)
- Added ability to export captions
- Allow setting transition speed for fade
- Provide setting to control precision of milliseconds from time entry
- Auto add / import when user adds media (with option to disable)
- Dimensions of Caption Editor persisted
- Persist size of editor form
- Added button in ribbon to align to bottom of slide
- New options dialog for user defined [default] caption settings... read more

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-06-13

Version 1 coming soon

Hi all,
Awesome to see the interest so far! We're excited to announce that we'll have a v1 out soon (pending a couple of final checks) and we think that it's a great step up!
Will update as soon as it's released and available!
STAMP dev team

Posted by Jim Hunter 2011-06-06

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