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stalonetray 0.7.6 is out

0.7.6 news
- fix bug with sticky mode under Openbox
- fix bug with dissappearing window under WindowMaker ( bug #1858069)
- fix layout bug which prevented tray to shrink properly
- fix resizing bug when grow gravity seemed to be ignored
- fix regression: KDE icons are collected at startup again
- fix focus model so that it (more-or-less) matches ICCM

Posted by Busa 2008-01-07

stalonetray 0.7.5 is out

0.7.5 news
- fix silly bug with window states (sticky mode works now, debian bug #451800)
- code cleanup in xembed implementation

Posted by Busa 2007-11-28

stalonetray 0.7.4 is out

Bug fixes included in this version:
- fix sample rc file typos (Debian bug #446899)
- fix fallback support mode for KDE icons (now KDE icons work in Xmonad)
- detect if stalonetrays` window is no longer toplevel and do not try to fix geometry (fixes excessive CPU usage as reported in Debian bug #444748)

Posted by Busa 2007-11-03

stalonetray 0.7.3 is out

This version fixes icons support on amd64 (Debian bug #445056).

Posted by Busa 2007-10-04

stalonetray 0.7.2 is out

This is a bugfix release. It fixes a typo in parameter name for maximal tray height (Debian bug #444717).

Posted by Busa 2007-09-30

stalonetray 0.7.1 is out

This release fixes a crash on an invalid rc file (Debian bug #443543), and occasional KDE icons disappearance ( bug #1676375).

Posted by Busa 2007-09-27

help wanted

stalonetray need new/extra developer/maintainer, as I do not have much time. If you want to help the project -- you are welcome; there are many things that can be improved/implemented.

Required background is C and X11.

Posted by Busa 2007-09-21

migrated to subversion

stalonetray has migrated to provided subversion repository.

Posted by Busa 2007-09-21

stalonetray 0.7 is out

Release highlights: support for background tinting and fuzzy edges; code refactoring and cleanup; XEMBED and layout bugfixes.

Posted by Busa 2007-09-15