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Version 0.20

Version 0.20 Released!

What? Version 0.20 already? Yes, you are correct. While I don't really like big jumps, development has come on faster than I thought it would (in terms of features), and the library itself seems to be pretty functional and stable. Really, it does everything I originally planned. Thus, the 0.20 release. Which, incidentally, also means it's in alpha stage!

Yay! Bug tracker, please don't make me wrong.... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-05-11

Version 0.13

Version 0.13 Released!

This release, whilst only a minor one, has an exciting new function; iosetcursorposlin! Sounds great doesn't it? It is basically just a clone of the standard cursor position changing function, iosetcursorpos, except it accepts a linear, 1-dimensional position instead of a 2-dimensional one. I told you it was exciting.

Both cursor functions have been rewritten too, so that they are actually relatively decent pieces of code, instead of the security holes they were before; they now have bounds checking. No more invalid cursor positions!... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-29

Version 0.12

Version 0.12 Released!

I apologise for the lightning fast release, but I like to update frequently, and my last update was a little later than I initially planned. (The code was done, I just hadn't the time to release)

Back on topic, this release adds a brand new function, iowait, which makes the program sleep for a specified number of milliseconds. It's not really crucial to the library, but since a sleep command is so useful for non-blocking input and frame rate calibration I thought I should add one.
Some internal functions which were supposed to be hidden from the user have actually been hidden now (hopefully), so whilst that isn't a huge step forwards in development it will help in uncluttering those autocomplete menus!... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-22

Version 0.11

Version 0.11 released!

Version 0.11 of STALLioN has been released. It's only a minor version, but the Windows input functions are now on par with the Linux ones and are finally working as expected, and now FreeBSD support has been added to the source code. There are no binary release versions for FreeBSD yet however, but one will be done for the next version.

Well, that's about it really, I said it was only a minor release!

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-19

Bug Tracking and Keyboard Update

It has come to my attention that non-developers can't actually create bug tickets...
Which is ironic, since you could sort of call that a bug...
Anyway, that's now fixed, so people can actually contribute. Yay!

On a better, less embarrassing note, the Windows version of iogetch now returns shifted values, which should be correct for your current language layout, finally putting it on par with the Linux version. Which is great, as it means that the core function in the input section is no longer crippled and can actually be used.... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-14

Version 0.10

Version 0.10 released!

Finally, the big 0.10!
Actually, it hasn't really been that long, so I can't really say 'finally', but it's an achievement nonetheless. Don't expect any big fancy features or amazing stability though, as there aren't any.
Most of the work has been under the hood; I've added a few internal functions that STALLioN uses itself to make its life easier, such as checking what type of key each is. Not very useful for the users, but that's where most of the development's been going, if you wanted to know.... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-05

Keyboard Layouts

I've managed to almost get iogetch working on both platforms, although punctuation and non-alphanumeric keys are turning out to be quite the pain. Uppercase letters are easy to do, as they are the same on every western keyboard layout (I think) although punctuation is radically different across layouts, so a comma on one layout may be a angle bracket on another.
I'm fine with Qwerty not being the only keyboard layout, but why does there have to be US, UK etc. versions as well?
Oh well, I'm sure I'll sort something out, although it is unlikely to be ready for the next release.... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-05

Version 0.09

Version 0.09 released!

This version adds support for a few more keys; home, end, backspace and F1-F4 and adds a new function, iogetch. I know 7 keys isn't much, but it's the little things that count!
iogetch is the more exciting feature though; it works like a non-blocking version of its standard C namesake, returning the ASCII value of the next pressed key, and 0 if there isn't one. Internally it gives you the ASCII value of whatever key it sees pressed first when you call it.
It's not the most stable of things though; it's an alpha function in a pre-alpha release, so don't expect it to work flawlessly on both Windows and Linux.
To be honest, the Windows functionality is a bit dismal, although on Linux it seems to work fine.... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-04-02

Version 0.08

Version 0.08 of STALLioN has now been released!

It's only really a minor version though, but rudimentary support for input has been added on both Linux and Windows, which I suppose is pretty major. It is exactly as I say though; rudimentary. Currently it's only possible to check whether a chosen key is pressed or released, and even that I admit doesn't work for every key due to the discrepancies between the Windows and Linux key codes. ... read more

Posted by Daniel Mansfield 2012-03-29

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