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  • Mole125

    Mole125 - 2006-10-31


    Please forgive me if the answer to this is obvious or if there’s an excellent document which explains everything I need to know but I’m new to STAF/STAX and so may not have read everything.

    I’m looking into create an automated test solution for a number of our products. We will have a large collection of test cases, some of which will be reusable between the different products. All these test cases will be stored on a central server. The test will be separated up into the feature they test.

    For each of our products we’ll want to run a different subset of these testcases.
    Sometimes we may only want to run the tests for a subset of features
    Sometimes a tester may want to run as a one off an arbitary subset of the testcases.

    How do you go about implementing the test cases and suites of tests such that new tests can easily be added?

    Are there any tools which are able to organise and select testcases by a given criteria (eg ‘A’ tests for feature ‘Bob’) and/or provide a GUI to allow testers to select which tests they want to run?

    Thank you,


    • Sharon Lucas

      Sharon Lucas - 2006-10-31

      STAF does not really provide testcase tools to organize and select testcases or to provide a GUI to allow testers to select which tests to run.  You are responsible for deciding what makes up a testcase/test suite.

      Note that you could use some STAF services to create a testcase tool like this.

      STAX (STAf eXecution engine) provides a <testcase> element that you can use to surround what makes up a particular testcase.  If you use STAX to run your testcases, then you could pass arguments, scripts, or scriptfiles to specify which testcases you want to run.  See the STAX User's Guide at http://staf.sourceforge.net/current/staxug.pdf and the "Getting Started with STAX" guide at http://staf.sourceforge.net/current/staxgs.pdf for more information on STAX.  We also provide a Hands-on Education for STAF (Parts 1 and 3) and STAX (Parts 2 and 4) via http://staf.sourceforge.net/education.php.

  • Mayura

    Mayura - 2012-11-19


    In later version of STAF and/or STAX, do we have any UI or technique available now which helps us organize and select testcases?
    We also have similar requirements as above query.


  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2012-11-19

    No.  Some STAF/STAX users have built a GUI web page front-end to organize and select testcases that allows them to do this.  As STAF is a framework, it provides the foundation which you can build upon to do things like this.

    Another option is to use a product like IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) that provides this functionality (plus many other functions) and provides a STAF/STAX plug-in.


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