How to send a STAX job to host machine specif

Selva Arun
  • Selva Arun

    Selva Arun - 2012-11-21

    I am trying to setup an automation test framework based on STAF/STAX.

    I have a requirement that STAX job with needed resource type, where resources are maintained by resource pool managed by host machine.

    So, basically STAX job should be sent to host machine with resource type and then based on the availability of resource, host machine would execute the job on test machine?

    Is it possible? If so how

  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2012-11-26

    So, are you using the STAF Resource Pool (ResPool) Service to determine the host machine of the STAX service where the STAX job should run?  If so, then submit a STAX EXECUTE request to the host machine of the STAX service where the STAX job should run.  For example:

    STAF staxServiceMachine STAX EXECUTE …

  • Selva Arun

    Selva Arun - 2012-11-26

    Hi Slucas, nop, host machine would managed the resource pool , job should be executed on available resource , basically test job would be sent to host machine indicating the type of machine needed for the job, then host machine would check the availability and then somehow execute that job on test machine.

  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2012-11-26

    A STAX job can run an STAF service request via a <stafcmd> element so it could submit request(s) to the ResPool service on your host machine to determine what test machine to use and then you ran use a <process> element to run whatever processes (aka tests) you want specifying the test machine as the process's location.  Or, if you prefer, instead of using the <process> element, you could use the <job> element to run a sub-job on the test machine if the STAX service is also registered on the test machine.


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