psycopg2 lib for python

Sam Kim
  • Sam Kim

    Sam Kim - 2012-03-28

    Hi guys,

    i´d like to use psycopg in stax XMLin script  import psycopg2

    i´ve installed psycopg on linux an in *.py files it works perfectly, but it doesnt in STAX
    STAX giving me errors for not knowing psycopg. i´ve tried to insert psycopg folder to lib in staf, but it didnt help

    have i forgot something?

  • Sam Kim

    Sam Kim - 2012-03-28

    oh i forgot
    i found this
    but it wont work :D


      import os, sys


      import xxx


  • Sam Kim

    Sam Kim - 2012-03-28

    *.so file is the right one ? from /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/psycopg2

  • Sam Kim

    Sam Kim - 2012-03-29

    well i found that jython wont support c-modules from python

    that made me switch to different way, i´ve tried to use zxJDBC, but it doesnt work either

    the only way i found to work with database is from process like java…

    that seems to be not a nice way to manage database

    is there any good solution to write in to database (SQL) from <script > ?


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