PLSTAF service connecting to remote debugger

  • MikeK

    MikeK - 2013-04-17

    I have been trying to use Activestate komodo debugger to debug a perl staf service.
    I have been using the following command to start my service:

    staf local service add SERVICE StarScheduler LIBRARY STAFEXECPROXY EXECUTE StarSchedulerService OPTION PROXYLIBRARY=PLSTAF OPTION USELIB="/ws/mkinzlma-bxb/myclones/scheduler/services" OP
    TION PROXYENV="PERL5OPT=-d" OPTION PROXYENV="PERLDB_OPTS=RemotePort=" OPTION PROXYENV="PERL5LIB=/opt/Komodo-IDE-8/lib/support/dbgp/perllib"

    The connection is received by komodo and I accept it , the problem is the file name that is presented to the debugger is "-e", which looks more like an option to perl than a file name so I am not able to debug the service.

    I found a the following for setting up remote debugging of java services:

    Is there a similar way to do this for perl services ?

  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2013-04-24

    The information provided for debugging a Java service in section " Enabling Debugging for a Java Service" in the STAF Service Developer's guide at is based on the options that the JVM provides to debug Java.  It's not something debugging that STAF itself provides.

    I don't know of a way to do this for Perl services.  Is there something that we could add to the PLSTAF service proxy library to support debugging?


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