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    ASK - 2013-03-20


    I am using STAF on 32 bit version on Windows 7 environment. My requirement is to copy and distribute staf directory to different machines instead of installing it on those machines.

    Will STAF work correctly if I copy existing STAF 32 bit windows 7 version on my machines instead of installing STAF on them ? Do I have to set any other system variables that STAF installer takes care of during installation ?

    I have tried copying STAF directory on one machine and it worked correctly with few inbuilt services that I tried.

    I want to get it confirmed before I actually put these directories on all machines.

    Besides, is there any property that I can set in STAF directory which would make it automatically start during Windows startup ?

  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2013-03-20

    We don't officially support copying STAF directoryies for the installation.  However, if the same directory name is used for installing STAF, e.g. C:\STAF, and all the required STAF Environment variables are set on each system (as described in section "7,1 Environment Variable Settings", sub-section "7.2 Windows" in the STAF Installation Guide at, and the Windows operating systems are the same, it should work.  You may want to customize the STAF.cfg file (in C:\STAF\bin) for each system if you want to register some additional STAF services on some systems, or specify different trust levels, etc.

    There isn't any "property" you can set to make STAFProc automatically start during Windows startup.  See section "11. Starting STAFProc during system reboot", sub-section "11.3 Windows" in the STAF Installation Guide for information on how to make STAFProc automatically start during Windows startup.

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    ASK - 2013-03-21

    Thank you for the response. I will give it a try and update in couple of days.


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