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We have a very critical project in that we are using STAF 3.4.4 and on some machine we have installed 3.4.3.

But since few days we are facing the problem that on our target machine STAF is not able to communicate to our prod server STAF.

To test this we have used " STAF <target machine name > ping ping " commnad but we are getting below exception

Error submitting request, RC: 16
Additional info
STAFConnectionProviderConnect: Timed out connecting to endpoint: select() timeou
t: 22, Endpoint: tcp://Kap-in-wfcap10.in.kronos.com

On having discussion with our IT/Networking team they suggested to enable the port which is used by the STAF , so that proper communication could took place between our production server and our target machine.

Please advice us what needs to be done. or let us know what the port info used by STAF.



  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2012-05-16
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  • Sharon Lucas

    Sharon Lucas - 2012-05-16

    You can list the network interface(s) that STAF is using on a machine by running:


    This will also tell you what port each STAFTCP interface has been configured to use.

    A secure STAFTCP interface by default is configured to use port 6550 and a non-secure STAFTCP interface by default is configured to use port 6500 (though you can override the port used in the STAF.cfg file).

    Note that your error message says that you are getting a timeout trying to connect to host Kap-in-wfcap10.in.kronos.com using the tcp interface. You may need to increase the CONNECTTIMEOUT for the tcp interface (the default is 5000 milliseconds, aka 5 seconds). You can change the CONNECTTIMEOUT configured for the tcp interface in your STAF.cfg file. For example, the following increases the connection timeout to 15 seconds:


    Section "4.3 Network Interfaces", sub-section "4.3.2 STAFTCP Connection Provider" in the STAF User's Guide at http://staf.sourceforge.net/current/STAFUG.htm#HDRNETWORKCFG provides detailed information about the network interfaces and the ports used by the STAFTCP interface.

    Also, the STAF FAQ provides helpful information on how to debug a STAF communication issue (e.g. RC 16) in the following sections at http://staf.sourceforge.net/current/STAFFAQ.htm#d0e930:
    - 3.1.3 Explain RC 16 when attempting to send a STAF request to a remote machine
    - 3.1.4. Why can't my STAF machines communicate?
    - 3.1.5. Why aren't my entries in /etc/hosts being used for STAF communication (particularly on Linux SLES)?

    Note that you can ask questions like this via the STAF Help Forum or staf-users mailing list instead of opening a bug. Closing this bug as invalid (since it's really just a question not a bug).


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