io_lib 1.12.4 released

Io_lib 1.12.4 has been released, rapidly following 1.12.3 (now removed) due to a last-minute change introducing a bug. My apologies for insufficient testing.

The changes since 1.12.2 are minor, mainly focusing around a few tweaks to srf tools and improvements to the .hash interface to allow hash_tar to build a single index from multiple .tar files.

Full details follow.


Version 1.12.4 (7th July 2010)

* Correction to 1.12.3 to fix a lately added bug in extracting data
from .hash files.

Version 1.12.3 (6th July 2010)

* Resolved compilation problems: endianness and large file support are
now detected in a wider variety of cases.

* srf2fastq now automatically outputs appropriate calibrated vs
non-calibrated values without having to explicitly use -c. This
option is now only needed when both CNF1 and CNF4 ZTR chunks are
present (it'll default to CNF4).

* srf2fastq no longer forces "." to be reformatted to "N".

* srf_dump_all improvements when facing read names with "#index" from
tagged runs.

* srf_filter can now act as a pipe, reading from stdin and writing to

* hash_tar can now index multiple tar files together into one .hash
file. hash_list -l has been extended to list the originating .tar.
Additionally "hash_tar -m map_file" allows renaming of tar filenames
prior to indexing, allowing for a hacky way to work around modified
names, cases, directory layouts, etc.

Posted by James Bonfield 2010-07-07

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