Staden Package: io_lib 1.11.0 released

A fully developed set of DNA sequence assembly (Gap4), editing and analysis tools (Spin) for Unix, Linux, MacOSX and MS Windows.

Finally I decided enough beta releases and packaged an official version of io_lib 1.11.0. Hence from here on I'll support multiple SRF revisions should it change, but I'm confident it's now at a reasonably stable point.

The changes compared to the last beta release are relatively minor (see the change log for full details) and mostly revolve around support for storing both raw and processed solexa traces in the same SRF file.

Note that although the SRF support in io_lib is clearly solexa-biased in that a few solexa oriented tools are included, this simply reflects the availability of data. SRF is designed with multiple vendors in mind and naturally io_lib will also track any vendor-specific tweaks to ZTR if appropriate.


Posted by James Bonfield 2008-02-21

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