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The purpose of this section is to maintain a list of useful snippets of code and fully fledged scripts. It is not expected that the solution to all your problems lies here, but with luck (and time) there may be something close enough. Hopefully there'll be enough to learn by example too. Finally, Gap4 itself is really little more than a large tcl/tk script with lots of builtin functions registered with the tcl interpreter. The gap4 extensions are listed at (albeit out of date). You may also wish to peruse the $STADENROOT/lib/gap/* directory to see how gap4's own dialogues and scripts are written

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
4 get_cons: save consensus/quality to disk None open 2005-06-20 2005-06-20  
3 Invokes the contig editor from the command line None open 2005-06-20 2005-06-20  
2 Contig editor "dump contig" None open 2005-06-20 2005-06-20  
1 Deletes all consensus annotations of a given tag type None open 2005-06-17 2005-06-17  
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