James Bonfield - 2009-10-16

The latest Staden Package source tarball has been made available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/staden/files/staden/2.0.0b2/staden-2.0.0b2-src.tar.gz/download

A more complete list of changes are visible at https://sourceforge.net/projects/sfnews/forums/forum/1026115 or (assuming RSS starts working again one day) perhaps visible via the main home page too.

Please do report any bugs to me. Ideally I want to keep providing source releases as for now they're easier to work with, but if the demand is high I could also release a few prebuilt binaries for specific linux releases. (Covering them all would prove to be problematic, as many are finding already with the old 1.7.0 binary releases.)

Feel free to also suggest improvements or extra features so I can add them to my to-do list.