FUNCTIONS of some shared object files?

  • Jake

    Jake - 2006-04-19

    WHat's the function of, &

    Every time (if STADEN_BUG=1) I start pregap4 I get error message that these object files cannot be loaded...
    though pregap4 seems to be working fine... I'm just currious

    Thanks for any answers!
    Jakub, WGRC, K-State

    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2006-04-24

      They don't exist pure and simple. The addon system does multiple things including modifying the tcl search auto-load search path and loading any run-time libraries. When the debug flag is set you see the cases where it tries to load a run-time library and found that it didn't exist, but that's ok (as long as you know it's one that really shouldn't exist).


    • Jake

      Jake - 2006-05-02

      Thanks for the clarification! Anyway, did you ever got the traces and database on which I was getting wich.exe error, I posted to forum last December. They were pretty big and I'm not sure they've got through, as I never got confirmation of delivery...



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