Error running gap5 after compiling from current SVN

  • Sven Klages

    Sven Klages - 2013-11-01

    today I compiled io_lib and staden from current SVN and ran into trouble when executing gap5 (gap4 seems to run just fine):

    load => couldn't load file "": /package/sequencer/StadenPackage/current/bin/../lib/staden/ undefined symbol: scram_put_seq
    invalid command name "load_alignment_matrix"
    while executing
    "load_alignment_matrix       [keylget gap5_defs ALIGNMENT.MATRIX_FILE]"
    (file "/package/sequencer/StadenPackage/current/bin/../share/staden/tcl/gap5/gap5.tcl" line 675)

    Any idea what is going wrong here?

    thanks, Sven

  • Sven Klages

    Sven Klages - 2013-11-04

    Same error when using tg_index to convert SAM to gap5:

    tg_index.bin: symbol lookup error: /package/sequencer/StadenPackage/svn_2013-11-01/lib/staden/ undefined symbol: scram_open

  • Sven Klages

    Sven Klages - 2013-11-04

    Problem solved. There was a wrong (custom) LD_LIBRARY_PATH set pointing to an old installation of io_lib :-(

    Sorry for the noise ..

  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2013-11-07

    No problem - it's no noise at all since SourceForge stopped notifying us of any discussions or bug reports. I wish I knew how to reenable these, other than the really obvious email subscription feature which doesn't do anything. Grr


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