I am having a error when I try to run pregap4. I am doing a very simple example with a few reads. 
- Report from 'Enter assemble (into Gap4)' - 
ERR: Failed to open database teste.0
ERR: "invalid command name "open_db""
ERR: Aborting.

I am trying to figure out what is wrong. Thus, I checked the file: gap.tcl in /lib/. 

The file indicate that is using IO.
#open database 
set origtype $licence(type)
set io [open_db -name $db_name -version $version_num -access $access \
-create $create] 

if {"$io" == ""} {
# puts "ERROR: Couldn't open the database '$db_name.$version_num' - exiting."
# 6/1/99 johnt - use verror so message is shown with Windows NT
if {$licence(type) == "d"} {
verror ERR_FATAL "Gap4" "ERROR: Demonstration mode could not open this database. Try \"gap4viewer\" instead."
} else { 
verror ERR_FATAL "Gap4" "ERROR: Couldn't open the database '$db_name.$version_num' - exiting."


Checking IO files I found: 
Basic Gap4 I/O

This level contains the basic functions for reading, writing, creation and deletion of the Gap4 structures, such as readings and templates as well as higher level functions built on top of these. It is this level of code that should generally be used by the programmer. The implementation of this level has function code and prototypes spread over a variety of files, but the programmer should only #include the `IO.h' file.

The primary functions are:


Opening/creation, closing and deletion of databases. 
GT_Read, GT_Write, GT_Write_cached
TextRead, TextAllocRead, TextWrite
DataRead, DataWrite
ArrayRead, ArrayWrite
BitmapRead, BitmapWrite 

I try to locate the IO.c in my cpu and I could only find it in the STADEN src code. However, I am using a compiled version. Where are the IO functions in staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b.tar.gz ? 

Can someone give me a hint ?