Howot convert roche 454 assemblies ...

  • bsenf

    bsenf - 2008-10-21

    Hi STADEN fan's

    let me announce newest version roche454ace2gap v1.09 from "", that converts roche
    assemblies output from runMapping or runAssembly.

    This allows at least:
    - show/edit/modify/..  roche454 assemblies from 454Contigs.ace as usual in gap4
    - shows bases and there quality values
    - show SFF traces at there correct aligned positions
    - show also "covered" /"hidden" data

    All programs are free available in source format (perl, C code) and some are also
    pre-compiled for Linux-x86 and Sparc-Solaris.

    Any hints and any comments are welcome.

    Regards ...

    • bsenf

      bsenf - 2008-10-21

      upps - some typing errors:

      URL    => ""



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