The new ABI format

  • Hello.
    Anybody have info about the new ABI format ?
    The one that support QV (quality value) ?


    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      Is this a newer format than the one supported by io_lib? If so is it possible to send me some example data?

      io_lib supports KB basecalled data which has the confidence values stored in PCON records IIRC. Try using the getABIfield utility to dump out the directory structure of an ABI file if you need to see precisely what's in there.


    • Sorry. My fault.
      I didn-t knew about PCON field.
      Is not documented in Clark.
      Anyway thanks for the answer.
      I-ve read the PCON field and now I can see the QVs.

      PS: what is IIRC?

    • James Bonfield
      James Bonfield

      If I Recall Correctly :-). Sorry too much online time ruins my style at times.