new xproto prevents mouse actions (no menus!)

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    If Staden 1.7.0 is built on a computer with xproto version 7.0.13, then the mouse is non-functional within Staden graphical windows.  Menus are inaccessible.


    This is a tcl/tk problem (or perhaps an xproto problem).  It applies equally whether the Staden package has its own or is linked to a system libtk8.4. A patch (and a detailed discussion) can be found here:

    Using the patch from the above link to fix tkBind.c solved the problem completely (tested with Staden 1.7.0 on NetBSD 4.99.59 (i686) with the staden-specific libtk8.4 recommended in the source documentation). It also solved a similar problem with pymol on the same computer (in that case linked to a system libtk).

    Here's the patch, simplified for the tkBind.c in $STADENSRC/tk8.4.6/generic/ :

    > #ifdef GenericEvent
    >    /* GenericEvent */          0,
    > #endif

    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2008-12-02

      Many thanks.

      I'd forgotten about this change - I did see it mentioned on a Tcl newsgroup at some stage. The real fix is probably to upgrade to a much more recent Tcl though. (Oddly that causes Gap4 to crash currently, but that's most likely my fault.)




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