Windows Installer Staden Package

  • Larissa

    Larissa - 2010-04-27

    Dear Collegues,

    I am trying to start to work with staden package. I am a biologist and I have no experience in programming. I saw that there are a lot of versions, but I don't know how to install in a windows machine. I was reading some comments on the internet and I saw that this link ( is the recommended. However this is a old version.  If is possible, I would like to know how to install the last version on my computer.

    Thank you very much!



  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2010-04-27

    Unfortunately we haven't built the latest version on Windows, so the 1.7.0 installer is the latest version.

    It is not the case that the latest code is incompatible with Windows. It may perhaps have some minor issues when building, but I haven't tried so I do not know for sure. Rather I simply have not managed to find the time to do this.

    If you're feeling brave and/or have the necessary knowledge then you may be able to build directly from source. When building myself I use mingw and msys for compilation and a bit of perl to create a WiX installer from which the MSI is generated.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm in the same boat as Larrisa, a biologist without programming bgd.  What are mingw, msys, WiX and MSI?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    They're various programming tools and formats used for compiling software into executables. If you don't understand them then that's fine - it was just an "if" really.

    For now I'm afraid you'll need to use the older staden release which does have prebuilt windows binaries as I haven't built the latest code on windows myself yet. (And there's a few prerequisities I have to solve first - like actually getting a windows licence and installing it as it's not on my work machines at the moment.)


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