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  • mbs_

    mbs_ - 2005-02-10

    we occasionally use scripts to work on gap projects, e.g. extracting a consensus without starting the graphical interface. Is there a collection of these tools somewhere? If not, why not setting one up?
    There is a manual on scripting, but fo a user and Tcl newbie it is very tedious to go through it all and even understand Tcl.
    What is more, options like -strip_pads for get_consensus are not mentioned in the manual.


    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2005-02-10

      I agree completely with this suggestion. I'm not sure of the best way of handling it though.

      Ideally individual scripts could be posted as separate items. They're likely to be small, so treating them like patches (except in their own tracker) may work well. That gives the option of a text comment describing what it does, an attachment of the script itself and somewhere for third party feedback and discussions.

      However it wouldn't allow for automated backups, version histories and downloading of all scripts. This could be manually done though by now and again by an admin just collated them all and shoving them in CVS  and the files area.

      Any comments?

      Regarding the scripting documentation. Yes I know that this is out of date. I wrote it more or less in one go (albeit lasting a couple weeks) and was burnt out from documentation for a while after :-/. It really does need going back to though and updating some more.



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