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Installing Staden 1.7 on Red Hat ES5

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am attempting to compile Staden 1.7, but unfortunately I am getting the following error:

    Saving to: `iwidgets4.0.1.tar.gz'

    100% 647,960      281K/s   in 2.3s   

    2009-10-30 09:08:43 (281 KB/s) - `iwidgets4.0.1.tar.gz' saved

    gzip -cd iwidgets4.0.1.tar.gz | tar xf -
    ln -s iwidgets4.0.1 iwidgets
    wget -O iwidgets4.0.1/patch '';
    -2009-10-30 09:08:44-
    Proxy request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
    Length: unspecified
    Saving to: `iwidgets4.0.1/patch'

    <=>                                                                                                                                         10,963      -.-K/s   in 0.1s   

    2009-10-30 09:08:45 (85.3 KB/s) - `iwidgets4.0.1/patch' saved

    cd iwidgets4.0.1; (cat patch | sed 's:\*/:*/.:'; echo) | patch
    patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input.
    make: ***  Error 2

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to get this patch or how to get around it?


  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2009-10-30

    Could you please try compiling version 2.0.0b2? From version 2 onwards the bundled (and ancient) versions of various itcl/itk/iwidgets packages have been removed in favour of linking against system versions.

    Partly this was done in order to make the package behave in a more standard manner with regards to linux distributions, but also primarily because the system packages are now quite stable and properly functioning. (Iwidgets had been very poorly supported before with the 1.7.0 copy simply being a CVS checkout with some local patches applied.)


    PS. I'm not sure why the patch download no longer works.  It's obtaining a patch to the iwidgets build environment that I submitted to sourceforge. It's possible with the large amount of sourceforge revamps recently that the URL is no longer valid. If you need to persist with a 1.7.0 build though you could probably hunt it down manually in sourceforge.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I did try the 2.0.0b2 and had issues with tklib (which doesn't come with ES5 at all surprisingly), the reason I resorted to using 1.7 was I was concerned with the use of the word beta.  

    I will give that another go with 2.0.0b2 on Monday and let you know how I get on.

  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2009-11-03

    Primarily the changes from 1.7 to 2.0 are the addition of Gap5 and the major restructuring of the file layout / dependencies. Gap4 has had a few very minor tweaks, but hopefully is robust.

    As for tklib on ES5, I only tested fedora and it exists there - perhaps you could use that as a package source? However tklib is very easy to install as it doesn't have any compiled source stage. Although it does have a proper install mechanism (needing tcllib too), in a pinch you can get away with simply untarring it somewhere.


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