Mac OS X and Staden (again)

  • robK

    robK - 2005-06-14

    Hello - I've been through all the discussion threads I could find on this and still haven't figured out how to get my Mac running OS X Tiger (or panther before I upgraded it) to recognise the staden.profile file and run the staden applications in an X11 terminal. In my .bashrc file I have:
    export STADENROOT
    but when I open an X11 window I get this response:
    bash: ./Users/me/staden-macosx-1-5-3/staden.profile: No such file or directory
    obviously this is not quite right and I also cannot get any programs to run from the command line in Terminal from the mac-osx directory:
    -bash: gap4: command not found
    Possible problems I could think of are 1) I am not the administrator but hadn't thought that necessary for setting up staden; 2) the Staden package needs to be installed somewhere else; 3) it cannot find the libraries necessary

    Can anyone please help me?

    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2005-06-15

      You need a space between the "." and the "$STADENROOT".

      "." in sh or bash parlance is like csh's "source" command. It basically runs the named script as if those commands were typed in to the shell.



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