AMD64 help (another)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Could someone please post what they had to change and what they had to install to compile staden for AMD64 linux (specifically ubuntu, but general linux would be fine). So what config files were changed, etc.

    • Jake

      Jake - 2006-05-02

      I tried to compile the package both on Intel Celeron - SUSE 9.3 and AMD64 - Gentoo. I had our IT support person spent with me several afternoons on it, but we never manage to succes. If you want to try, read the makefiles - there some remarks on changing some lines lowercase/uppercase letters etc. If you manage to compile it, please post you protocol for it. Thanks!!!

      Finally, I gave up, as I need to get some biology done, and I'm using (AMD64-Gentoo) the binary package provided on this webpage. This, however, requires some changes in the scripts to start the programs: for once in your staden.profile, you need to specify your machine as Linux, this needs to be also done (or commented out) in some of the scripts used to invoke the programs (gap4, pregap... I don't remember exactly which), as they try to redefine the machine. It's possible that the scripts are also trying to reset other environmental variables...

      Hope this helps at least little bit.

      Jakub, WGRC, KSU

    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2006-05-19

      I do have an AMD64 build working. I'll include binaries in the next official release (once I actually get time to make it).


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