1.5.3 windows error

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am new to staden and am in the process of going thorugh the tutorial. I am having two problems and hope somebody could lend some advice.
    First, I note that repe is no longer an option as a module, yet I can't find any information concerning this change under the "what's new" section on the website. In fact, heterozygous indels is not described and the help link doesn't seem to work.
    Second, following the tutorial I run pregap for the 6 test sequences, but as it tries to run trev (I think) it crashes. I have tried putting the sequence files in a directory on the desktop, within a subdirectiory in the directory containig the staden binaries, and just left all the files in the directory with the binaries. In each case I get the same error message (this is the same error reported in "interactive clipping error". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Barry Williams
    University of Wisconsin

    • jaguarete

      jaguarete - 2005-03-15

      Please, see posted response to "interactive clipping error" message from 2005-03-15 15:22


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