John Nash - 2011-04-29

Would anybody please be able to help me with a strange request. I use Mac and Ubuntu, but all of the technicians in the lab use Windows. The Mac build (latest beta) and Windows build (from the web site) use different builds of the gap5 database.  ("Database Version 2 too new for this version of Gap 5") is what Windows says.  I'd build a new version for Windows except that 1. I am 100 km away from the lab which is in the country out in Guelph, and I'm not due there until Wednesday, and 2. I don't have a Windows dev machine here in Toronto.

Has anybody built a working Windows version which is portable that they could share, please? I'd let the Guelph team use Ubuntu via VirtualBox except that their computers are locked down by IT (Federal Govt rules).

Thanks heaps
John (john dot nash at phac-aspc dot gc dot ca)