iwidget removal problem?

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    I am trying to compile staden on fc9, but encounter this problem.

    $ make -f Makefile.thirdparty
    cd iwidgets4.0.1; \     make install-libraries
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/root/Download/Staden1.7.0/staden-src-1-7-0/src/iwidgets4.0.1'
    rm: cannot remove `/home/root/Download/Staden1.7.0/staden-src-1-7-0/lib/iwidgets': Is a directory
    make[1]: *** [install-libraries] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/root/Download/Staden1.7.0/staden-src-1-7-0/src/iwidgets4.0.1'
    make: *** [lib/linux-binaries/../.iwidgets] Error 2

    The README.build note in src/


    From within $STADENROOT/src:
            gzip -cd iwidgets4.0.1.tar.gz |tar xf -
            cd iwidgets4.0.1
            ./configure --with-itcl=../itcl3.2.1 --prefix=../..
            make install-libraries

    At this point it'll have some broken links, so fix this with:
            rm ../../lib/widgets
            mv ../../lib/iwidgets4.0.1 ../../lib/iwidgets

    Tried run it and it gave the following.
    $ ./configure --with-itcl=../itcl3.2.1 --prefix=../..
    configure: error: expected an absolute directory name for --prefix: ../..

    Makefile problem?

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      From src/

      vim iwidgets4.0.1/Makefile

      Comment out the @rm and $(LN_S) at install-libraries seems to work.

      #       @rm -f $(LIB_INSTALL_DIR)/iwidgets
      #       $(LN_S) $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR) $(LIB_INSTALL_DIR)/iwidgets
              @$(MKINSTALLDIRS) $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR)/scripts
              @echo "Installing source files from $(GENERIC_DIR) into $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR)"
              @for i in $(GENERIC_DIR)/*.itk $(GENERIC_DIR)/*.itcl $(GENERIC_DIR)/tclIndex $(GENERIC_DIR)/*.gif ; \             do \             $(INSTALL_DATA) $$i $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR)/scripts; \             done;
              @echo "Installing iwidgets.tcl and pkgIndex.tcl into $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR)"
              @for i in iwidgets.tcl pkgIndex.tcl ; \             do \             $(INSTALL_DATA) $$i $(SCRIPT_INSTALL_DIR); \             done;

      Good luck.


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