Illumina2srf + srf2illumina

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I was told by Illumina techsupport that they will stop providing this converter in the future at that Sanger will be taking it over once again. Does this sounds familiar to anyone? I was just wondering if these tools will re-appear in future io_lib versions?


  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2009-11-11

    It's a shame they've stopped supporting it, as they're the ones closest to the data and therefore with the best knowledge of it. We felt it didn't really belong in io_lib either, preferring to keep that relatively machine agnostic with regards to the new seq technologies. (So we support SRF, but not the intricacies of converting one specific platform to it.)

    However something needed to be done so one of my colleagues created a new sourceforge project at

    He'll be producing a proper distribution soon, but for now it's still just in subversion. The new version will support RTA I believe.



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