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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hello from a newbie
    installed/uninstalled ebiotools and from perusing newsgroups i find that the coding is rather bad and it has been a small disaster to my panther configuration. i am not a programmer and cannot solve rottern coding problems. it's a shame that one is not given a system risk assessment prior to installing software, which some like myself do for educational expansion, not messing up a system.

    since uninstall my fink isnt working and my terminal starts with:

    tcsh: /usr/ebiotools/staden/staden.login: No such file or directory.

    on sourceforge fink-user list i found this, but i need help understanding how to apply this to remove the call to staden.login on my panther.

    **The problem you are having is a classical example for why it is generally considered harmful to set this environment variable. It should only be used in exceptional cases, for testing new versions of libraries etc. Setting it in a login file is really bad style and a sign of lazy programmers.

    They could and should have defined install_name for their libraries, and the executables would then find the libraries automatically. You might want to go to the staden site and hit them over the head with some  Darwin programmer"s manual. I mean, producing something like what I see
    here is really disgusting.**

    i will be surprised and elated if help arrives. better than banging staden with a darwin manual. dont own one, yet.

    • James Bonfield

      James Bonfield - 2004-12-13

      Please note that the ebiotools packaging of the Staden Package has nothing to do with this site. SourceForge houses the source code and a tar file containing compiled binaries for a variety of platforms.

      Ebiotools appear to have taken either the source or binaries and wrapped it up in another way, but this is something you need to discuss with them. I am not aware of whether they monitor these forums.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well, I had previously installed the 1.4 package as part of the ebiotools installer: rather than figure out what they had done, I simplely located the staden install (which looks standard when you locate it - Find + invisible items) and replaced the whole structure with the 1.5.3 download.

      Works perfectly...

      As far as I can see all ebiotools have done is install it as part of an installer to place it in the ebitools directory structure.

      (And btw, using fink like that is seriously bad for your Mac :))



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