New binary releases?

John Nash
  • John Nash

    John Nash - 2011-05-20

    Now that there are awesome differences and numerous bug fixes between the b8 version and the svn version, when will it be likely that a new beta binary package will be released?  (Not nagging, just planning bc my Mac version is out of sync with the production servers)


  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2011-05-21

    Producing binaries for all the machines takes quite a lot of time (it shouldn't, but somehow usually does - especially the mac one which I never did get a working set of binaries for).

    However I probably ought to tag a new source release soon. I have more features to go in yet still too (as always).

  • John Nash

    John Nash - 2011-06-16

    I'm quite happy to assist you in producing a set of Mac binaries for general release.


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