out of file descriptors

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    I'm trying to install staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b on an amd64 running FreeBSD 7.1-BETA2.
    I did 'tar xvf' to put it into /usr/local/share/ and then modified both the staden.profile and staden.login files to give:

    STADENROOT=/usr/local/share/staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b; export STADENROOT
    . $STADENROOT/staden.profile

    setenv STADENROOT /usr/local/share/staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b/
    source $STADENROOT/staden.login

    My .cshrc file contains:
    set path = (..... /usr/local/share/staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b/linux-x86_64-bin /usr/local/share/staden_io_lib/bin/ .......)
    setenv  STADENROOT /usr/local/share/staden-linux-x86_64-1-7-1b/
    setenv  STADEN_DEBUG

    When I try either 'trev' or 'gap4' I get ".: Out of file descriptors".

    I queried the number of descriptors available with
    >sysctl kern.maxusers
    kern.maxusers: 384
    which apparently translates to (20 + 16 * maxusers) processes.

    I then installed io_lib- into /usr/local/share/staden_io_lib/ but the error message remains the same.
    Any thoughts?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      My mistake.
      Uncommenting the ". $STADENROOT/staden.profile" line in staden.profile generates an infinite loop.
      Now I have a different problem :(


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