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Making a distribution for Mac

John Nash
  • John Nash

    John Nash - 2011-10-06

    Good morning all,

    I would like to deploy the Staden package about 6 or more Macs. 

    I assume that Xcode needs to be installed.

    Is making a tar.gz package easier than installing Macports and the required ports, io_lib, and tklib, on all the computers, followed by making from source?

    Is that easy to do? i've programmed, know how to make, etc, but never made a distro before.


  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2011-10-06

    MacPorts may be ok if you have root access, but without it you essentially need to rebuild the entire macports directory structure from scratch in your own user account. (This is what stopped me from doing this myself the last time I checked, because something in macports was breaking preventing me from rebuilding it all.)

    In principle it looks quite easy though and I did make a start on creating a MacPorts file for io_lib. I didn't finish it though.

    The .tar.gz way is definitely easier though. You can do a ./configure -prefix $STADENROOT to configure, compile and install to that directory (linking against MacPorts probably) and then just tar up the final $STADENROOT directory. Provided there aren't other things sharing that root it's simple.


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