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#96 gap4: allow contig editor window vertical resizing?


Hi James,

Kubuntu 12.04. Staden rev 2963, but also seen in staden.x86_64_2.0b8.

When opening a contig in gap4, the contig editor window just consists of the window handle and the button/menu bar. No sequence to be seen, neither from reads nor consensus. Horizontal resizing is allowed (window gets wider), but vertical resizing apparently not.

I think this is a Tcl/Tk & window manager issue, because when SSHing in on the same machine from a Mac and opening the very same gap4 on the Mac screen, everything looks normal.

Would it be somehow possible to allow vertical window resizing in gap4 to perhaps circumvent that problem?



  • James Bonfield

    James Bonfield - 2012-05-21

    Gap4 has exposed an apparent infinite stream of window manager bugs. The fundamental cause comes from a window that is actively resized by the program rather than the user, especially when the user is (in theory) allowed to resize in X but not in Y.

    I don't plan on modifying gap4 any more than bug fixes though. I think the bug here really is the initial sizing is incorrect. Can you please tell me which window manager you are using in kubuntu 12?



    PS. Resizing in Y doesn't work well in gap4 due to having the consensus at the bottom. If you permit growing of it then you start to see trails of old consensus sequences when the editor should have shrunk. You could experiment though by adjusting the "wm resizable $w 1 0" to "wm resizable $w 1 1" near the top of create_editor function in gap/contig_editor.tcl (approx line 111). It *MAY* solve things!

  • Bastien Chevreux

    I'm using a default KDE desktop, so that would be the KDE window manager.

    Incredibly enough, "wm resizable$w 1 1" was all it needed to get things working again: the contig is now displayed normally. Yes, one can now change the window size in Y direction, but gap4 most of the time automatically resizes it to the default height.


  • Penguin2100

    Penguin2100 - 2013-06-13


    I rann into same situation with xfce4. (zero sized contig editor, Debian jessie current) With fluxbox, things look good.

    I tried the trick (wm resize....) with xfce4, it works!!



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