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Startup Manager 2.2 released

The new version 2.2 of Startup Manager - a program to manage the programs that start automatically - now supports enabling/disabling items. It also adds support for the winlogon sections (userinit and shell). Also all known bugs were fixed.

Startup Manager 2.2 can be downloaded at:


Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2007-02-24

Known Bugs

I submitted all known bugs in the bugs tracker.
These bugs can be recognised at the "Known Bug" in the title.

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2006-10-07

Startup Manager 2.1 released!

A little earlier as expected, but I released Startup Manager 2.1 today!
You're probably wondering why you should download it, well, one good reason: I rewrote it entirely.

The first time you hear about Startup Manager?
No problem, let me tell you what it's capable off:
- manage items in the registry startup sections (rename and delete existing ones and create new ones)
- same for the startup folders
- also for win.ini [load] and [run] items, but no renaming
- create a batch file that contains a sequence of files that should run in e certain order
- add an item to a startup section by dragging it onto the program
- watch item properties... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2006-06-23

SVN Repository

I think the title says enough, from today on I'm using subversion instead of CVS ^^

And now that I'm writing a news post, I think it's the right moment to publish some news about the next version.
There's still a lot of work to be done, but I'm working on it, I'm planning the release for at last half july...

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2006-06-09

First anniversary!

Exactly one year ago this project was approved by the staff. With over 2300 downloads already, I think the project's not doing bad.
I'd say keep on downloading this crap ^^
And for the upcomming release I'm rewriting the entire source code (not entirely without problems, so it will still take a while before version 2.1 is ready for release).

Maybe some st-m history...
Well, I started programming at Startup Manager in july 2004, that's about 9 months before I requested a project. In the early days of its life, st-m was only a stupid tool to add program's to the registry keys HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, it also had a function to delete the items by name. I started the project as an experiment to teach myself how the boot sections work, but it turned out to become a little larger ^^.... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2006-04-22

Startup Manager 2.0.1

Startup Manager is an application that makes it easy to manage the programs that start at boottime. It provides you an easy way to add, delete and edit these items.

This release comes with a brand new feature: a boot order tool.
There's a screenshot of this tool in the
screenshots section.
I'm also glad to announce new properties dialogs (they finally don't look ugly any more :D)
Take a look at them in the screenshots section read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-12-08

Boot ordering

Since someone told me somekind of trick to manage the boot order would be very nice, I began thinking. And I found a possible solution. Which consists of making a batch-file with the items you want to boot in a specific order and add this batch-file to the windows startup sections. Off course I created a nice interface to help you easily create such a batch-file. You will be able to access this tool via the system > advanced menu in Startup Manager. This tool will be part of Startup Manager from version 2.0.1 which I'm creating nowadays. Expect a release between this and well, let's say about two months (to make sure I'll release it in time ;) ). This release will also contain new properties dialogs because in my opinion the old ones look like hell :p. ... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-11-16

Startup Manager 2.0

Today I finally released Startup Manager 2.0 with a bit of a delay. This delay because in the mean time I bought a 64-bit computer with windows x64 and I implemented x64 support in Startup Manager. This also is the reason why the boot.ini managing dialog is not yet implemented. And their is one bug left in this release, well, it's not really a bug, it's just a problem with the listview view styles, it might look a little fucked up. But hitting the refresh button can do miracles (solve it or make it worse :P).... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-10-02

x64 support!

I implemented the last stuff needed for full x64 support!
If made a new OSversion class, which you can see in the CVS repository, bases on a scheme with windows version information I created this afternoon. You can also download this scheme from the CVS repository. This scheme is a worksheet of 1.1.4 read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-09-15

Startup Manager 2.0 beta 3

If you take a look at the project releases you will probably notice that today I made a new release. This again is only a beta version of the upcomming Startup Manager 2.0 release. Startup Manager 2.0 beta3 is probably the last beta version of Startup Manager 2.0 before the final release of this product. You may expect a next release somewhere between the end of August and 25th September.

This third beta release contains some visible changes:
the drag&drop dialog has an "advanced options"-button, in the statusbar is a section with the number of items, the number of items in the logbook are also shown in the logbook dialog and the edit controls (text fields) in the add and drag&drop dialog are enabled/disabled on the combobox activity. There have also been a lot of code improvements, but there are some bugs left: the win.ini section needs some debugging, the SepPathFlags(const string &fullName); needs some improvement and sometimes the listview view styles look buggy.... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-07-12

Startup Manager 2.0 beta 2

Today I released a Startup Manager for the second time. This time version 2.0 beta 2, the second beta version of Startup Manager 2.0.
I thought it was worth to release because I added a new feature and did some bugfixes. The new feature is drag and drop from explorer. Now you can add an item to the windows startup sections just by dragging a file/program from explorer into Startup Manager. I don't think there's an easier way to do so!
Don't be affraid of submitting bugs, feature request or whatever, it would be a great help because this program is still far from perfect!

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-05-15

Startup Manager 2.0 beta

I released Startup Manager for the first time at
If you want to, you can still download the earlier versions at:

It's still a beta version, so not everything works perfect yet. For example the SepFilePath(const &string FullName); and the win.ini stuff have to be improved.... read more

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-05-01

Preparing source for release

These days I'm bussy cleaning the Startup Manager source code. I'm also adding comments to the source to make it easier to read/understand.
As soon as I'm ready doing all of this, it will be released (maybe Friday, probably Sunday). Make sure you know it's still a beta version, so don't complain about possible mistakes, just help me improve it!

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-04-27

Website under construction

Yesterday I asked a friend of mine whether he wanted to create a project website for Startup Manager. He immediately agreed, so will be ready soon!

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-04-25

Startup Manager

I'm currently spending all my sparetime in programming at my project. I think the source code is not yet good enough to publish, so I will publish it in about one week together with the beta (which actually is alpha) version of Startup Manager.
I hope some people are interested in helping me with improving my project. Right now I have some problems with the functions I've written to add files to the startup sections of win.ini ([windows] run and load). So if you have a good piece of source code to do this, you can always mail it to me and maybe I'll use it and you can join the project! You can also support the project by donating some money.
More information about what Startup Manager exactly does will be posted together with the release of the beta version.

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2005-04-23