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Startup Manager: 10000 downloads

Startup Manager has been downloaded 10000 times!

St-m is a startup manager for windows. Its main functionality consists of adding, removing and renaming items to the windows startup sections. It also supports enabling/disabling items and the disabled items are msconfig compatible. Startup Manager supports the following start sections: the two start folders, win.ini, the main registry start sections for current and all users (run, run once, run services, ...) and also the winlogon sections (userinit and shell). There also is a tool to create a *.bat file that starts programs in a certain order.

The first development on st-m started in August 2004, I started developing this program because I wanted to learn more about the windows start sections. So at first I never had the intention to share my work with the community. But about 6 months later Startup Manager became a useful tool and I decided that it might be useful to other people too. So March 22th, 2005 I created this sourceforge project. Then at the end of December 2006 David Nash joined the team as a developer. So far I released 7 versions of Startup Manager and I'm planning to update it more regularly. The last version is 2.2 and was released on February 24th, 2007.

The latest version of Startup Manager can be downloaded at:

And the project summary page is located over here:

To visit the project website, click the following link (note that the website is not yet ready to be thrown online):

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2007-03-01

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