#14 Select profile at startup


RE: Your opinion about Startup Manager (New)
Delete By: devfuel.com (ee_devfuel_com) - 2007-09-17 16:34
This sounds great. The startup delaying is definitely needed on my machine. I look forward to the 2.5 release.

Also, I have always wanted something along the line of startup "profiles". That is, sometimes I need my desktop to be a lean and mean PC game platform, other times it needs to be a development platform, and still other times, I need it to be a test webserver/database server/etc/. If on startup, one could have an opportunity to select from a list of profiles and then launch all startup items for that profile, then managing a multiuse computer becomes less cumbersome. Anyway, this came to mind with the discussion of delayable startup items. If a facility exists to delay items, could not also a facility exist to group startup items by profile "presets"?



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