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Open Candy

  • Visibler

    Visibler - 2009-05-03

    Open Candy

    what is for ?

    I see a folder with a executable

    Excuse my language. I'm from Canary Islands

    • Glenn Van Loon

      Glenn Van Loon - 2009-05-03


      These files are only used durring installation and deinstallation. Check their website if you wan't to know more about OpenCandy

      • Visibler

        Visibler - 2009-05-04

        thank very much Glenn Van Loon

  • Justa_Guy

    Justa_Guy - 2010-11-06

    The link included in your installer's license agreement points to OpenCandy Privacy Policy which states that it determines "whether or not you already have a product installed that we might recommend to you", and when inquiring with regard to further detail on that in their FAQ, it states the following information is collected:

    "A) Operating system version and language, country location of the computer running the installer, and the language of the developer’s software installer
    B) That the developer’s installer was initiated, and whether it was completed or canceled
    C) Whether or not each potential recommendation was or wasn’t valid for a computer
    D) Whether a recommendation was made and if so, whether it was accepted or declined
    E) If a recommendation was accepted, whether the recommended software’s installer has been downloaded and installed
    F) Whether the recommended software’s installer was initiated, and, if so, whether it was completed or canceled.".

    Which leaves me to assume that point 'C' is the refrence, albeit vague, to their inventorying what software I have installed.

    Their FAQ also details which registry keys they install, which may be manually removed following the installation sequence.

    Being that this is a GPL'd application can we repackage this to not include the OpenCandy component(s), such that our software environments, which may or may not include sensitive IP, is not forwarded to the OpenCandy, Inc. database?

    And so that it becomes unnecessary to manually remove OpenCandy registry keys from every machine it's installed to?

  • Glenn Van Loon

    Glenn Van Loon - 2010-11-06

    About the installer's license agreement: it's been a while since we released a new version of Startup Manager and in the mean time OpenCandy changed its privacy policy. I haven't decided yet whether or not I'll include OpenCandy in the next installer. In the mean time you can run the installer with the /NOCANDY switch which will entirely disable the OpenCandy module. If you don't trust this switch (I would totally understand that); the installer script is GPL'd as well, so if you really want to you can edit it and rebuild it yourself using InnoSetup.

  • Justa_Guy

    Justa_Guy - 2010-11-06

    If you say so. Thanks for making us aware of the switch.

    I'm not sure if it's worth taking the time to do so, although I am glad to hear it is possible to rebuild and do without.


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