Button sample produces blank button (WinXP)

Kevin Yank
  • Kevin Yank

    Kevin Yank - 2005-09-26

    Downloaded and extracted the latest Windows binary ZIP of SSWF. Samples compile fine using the run.bat scripts; however, the dyn-button sample produces a blank button when compiled using run.bat. Apparently it's not finding the default "times" font specified in the button.sswf script. I tried editing button.sswf to point to a font name I'm sure exists on the system (e.g. "Verdana"), but it made no difference.

    Can SSWF really read system fonts, or does this script assume I have converted the desired font using ft2sswf and included the generated font script?

    • Alexis Wilke

      Alexis Wilke - 2005-09-26

      Hi Kevin,

      Note that for windows I also have an installer (see the .exe). In case you'd rather use a GUI based installer.

      The dyn-button sample uses what is called a font description. Whereas, the other samples use an embedded font. This doesn't mean it can't fail, but the name specified will be used by the Flash Player at the time the movie is run and not at the time the movie is created.

      So, SSWF doesn't need read system fonts in this case. Yet if you wanted to use a system font, you would indeed need to run ft2sswf first.

      The Scroller sample uses the Blue Highway font coming with the package and pre-transformed to the SSWF format.

      Can you see the text of the button on the home page of SSWF? It says "Download SSWF Now!" and it uses that sample.

      Thank you for your interesting in SSWF.



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