#4 A lefthanded switch


A vnc server may be shared between several users. Some may be left handed.
It would be nice if there could be a switch to reverse pointer buttons on their vncviewer.



  • Karl J. Runge

    Karl J. Runge - 2010-09-10

    I am somewhat confused how this problem could manifest itself.

    ssvncviewer is an X11 app, for a lefthanded X server setup, the buttons are correctly mapped as soon as the user clicks and before it gets to ssvncviewer. So if the user clicks the "primary" button, Button1 will be sent out on the wire via VNC regardless of whether the user is lefthanded or not.

    Then at the VNC server "Button1" should be received and interpreted correctly as well. I think this will certainly be true if the VNC server is for an X11 display (i.e. x11vnc or Xvnc) Are you saying this would be different for a Windows or MacOSX VNC server where the viewer needs to know to swap buttons because the server has them swapped?

  • clohr

    clohr - 2010-09-15

    Oups, sorry... this uses-case is not convincing. Let's consider a simpler one to motivate the need of a "lefthanded switch".

    I am left-handed. On my PCs I set left-handed sessions, meaning buttons are swapped (yes, right-handers are "normal", left-handers are "swapped"...)

    Time to time I access a lefthanded-swapped session of one PC from another lefthanded-swapped PC via VNC. Buttons are swapped two times... as a result I get a right-handed session...

    Today solution is to temporally disable the left-handed option of the exported session. Which is not very elegant IMHO.
    Moreover, this may impacts other attached session depending of the way this left-handed option is implemented by the X desktop (eg. either using new xinput features or the plain old xmodmap... The two do not play the same level).

    So, the proposed solution is to have a VNC client able to swap buttons once again.


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