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SandStorm - XML-RPC middle-end framework / News: Recent posts

Demostration of SandStorm application

An online demostration of active-xmlrpc 0.9.4, an open web publishing framework, running on the SandStorm platform

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-11-13

SandStorm 0.99.1 released

Aside from addition of persistent connections and registry caching for python/zope, this is mostly maintaince release when compared with 0.99

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-11-07

Java registry 0.2 released

Quite a big re-write.

xmlrpc-j was replaced with Helma, as it has simpler API, and much faster according to my benchmarks.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-08-13

SandStorm registry in Java

Just released a registry implementation in Java.

It uses xmlrpc-j classes, with an addition of pure java Base64 class found on the net, so it will not depend on sun's VM internals.

It works on Kaffe VM, and can also be compiled into native executable using gcj-3.0(pre-compiled executable included, but you will need the runtime libgcj).

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-08-08

SandStorm roadmap

Starting from the next release, 0.80, SandStorm will be splited to two
packages, sstorm-lib and sstorm-core.

sstorm-lib will mainly contain the wrapper libraries used to access the
registry and modify it.

sstorm-core will contain the rest, which includes the registry, and a set of
core components.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-07-31

SandStorm 0.74 to support Zope

Upcoming version of SandStorm will contain a stripped down version of the python library, which will work with Zope.

This will allow writing front-ends in Zope, using SandStorm components at the backend.

As a proof of concept, a sample Zope code that works with SandStorm::RSS will be included.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-07-15

IMPORTANT! regarding SandStorm 0.70

Before complaining about bugs, edit the file:


Change the line that contains:

if log=1:


if log==1:

Otherwise no stand-alone component won't work, including the registry!

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-06-26

RSSBot 0.2 released

This can be considered as a sub-project of SandStorm.

It uses SandStorm::RSS for getting RSS streams, without having to know what
is RSS, how to parse it, or where it is located in the net, making available
for IRC users.

So all of you geeks out there can put it in their favourite IRC channel,
asking from it to announce the latest headlines from slashdot from time to

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-06-26

SandStorm 0.70 release

Highlights of this release:

* cleaner and more feature-rich Ruby client code, as well as a start of a
server code
* Sandstorm::RSS, an RSS 0.90/0.91 fetcher/parser, making the data available
via an API.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-06-26

SandStorm 0.68 released

This is mostly a bugfix release

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-06-17

SandStorm 0.62 released

This one is really, but really bugfree! Promise!


Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-06-03

SandStorm 0.61("Dusty Sky") released

This is a bug-fixes release.

It does not introduce new features, but mainly takes care to fix all
existing bugs, as well as make it work with win32.

Instructions for win32:

make sure python is in the path.

run: install.bat

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-28

SandStorm::SandML 0.1 released

SandStorm::SandML 0.1 released today.

SandStorm::SandML is not a SandStorm component by itself, but it's a
framework for writing SandStorm components using an XML language named
SandML, or SML.

SandML is a programming language, with variables,type, for loops,
conditionals, and XML-RPC method calls.

Each SML file is a component, with 0 or more methods, each of them can
accept parameters.

types are most native XML-RPC types... read more

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-27

Announcing "Dusty sky"

SandStorm is creating lots of interest in the Open Source community, and the
statistic prove it(Project activity is on the top 100 for several days).

There is one problem which seems to be common. People find it hard to
install and configure.

I admin, I often release tarballs without checking them first on a clean

This is will not be the case from SandStorm 0.61 (Code named "Dusty sky").... read more

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-26

SandStorm 0.60 released.

Not many changes, but major ones:)

Includes a stand-alone registry, a fast replacement for the CGI one that existed till now.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-24

stand-alone components now in CVS

stand-alone components are now in CVS.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-22

SandStorm 0.58 released

Both tar/gzip and tar/bzip2 forms are available.


Bug fixes.

enhancement to SandStorm::Mail component.

New component, SandStorm::Public. acts as a proxy to the rest of components, restricting access via ACL mechanism

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-21

Bug in SandStorm 0.55

There is a bug in setup/ file in SandStorm 0.55 that makes it generate bad Registry file.

You can either edit the files manually, or download the fixed from the download page.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-19

SandStorm 0.55 released

This release mostly includes bug fixes, as well as a start of a Mail component

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-19

SandStorm's website launched

SandStorm's website lanuched today.

It is currently quite minimal though.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-17

SandStorm 0.52 released

Changes include a Mirror component, CGI active.notify Component, and new setup utility

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-14

SandStorm and mod_perl/mod_python

The .htaccess file generated by SandStorm 0.50 does not work well with mod_python and mod_perl.

To make it work with mod_perl, SetEnv PERL5LIB directive has to be added.

PythonPath directive should be set in mod_python.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-13