SandStorm::SandML 0.1 released

SandStorm::SandML 0.1 released today.

SandStorm::SandML is not a SandStorm component by itself, but it's a
framework for writing SandStorm components using an XML language named
SandML, or SML.

SandML is a programming language, with variables,type, for loops,
conditionals, and XML-RPC method calls.

Each SML file is a component, with 0 or more methods, each of them can
accept parameters.

types are most native XML-RPC types

SandML is not fully-interepted, rather, it is first semi-compiled into
Dynamic Code instructions, which are then executed in a VM.

the SandStorm::SandML server compiles SML files, registeres their methods in
the registry, and dispatches them.

Posted by Idan Sofer 2001-05-27

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